14 August 2010


Well, what a crazy, hectic day!  Gus and I ran errands for almost six hours.  We ended spending way too much money, but on some necessary things.  We both purchased cameras in the past week.  I am SUPER excited and happy about my new Olympus Stylus!!  It has 12 megapixels and a 7x optical zoom.  Great deal on it, and it's important -- I want to submit photos of all the beautiful things I am going to see to sites like Getty Images and Associated Content.  We also picked up hiking books, a fishing pole, a camping stove, and I got a RIFLE today ... I can hardly believe it.  The only major purchases I have left are a technical pack - internal frame backpack - for hiking, and some new contact lenses.  My eyeglasses definitely get in the way of experiencing some things fully.

Bad news.  It will just be Gus and I setting out on this adventure.  Our buddy Chris ran into some things that are requiring  him to stay behind for just a little longer in Florida, but we have high hopes that he will meet up with us on the way!  Here's to NOW, and I have total faith that our universe is unfolding exactly as it is supposed to.

Took some silly photos today:  picking out a gun for me (Mossberg Plinkster 702) ... the photos are at Wal*Mart but we definitely ended up purchasing it at Bass Pro Shops.  I am so excited for how many different people we are going to meet, how many different kinds of plants, trees, and animals we are going to encounter, and the vast array of landscapes that will stretch out before us.  We are signed up for our first Helpx.net stay!  It's in Atlanta, GA, and we will be staying on the property of a man who is starting a sustainable art community.  That will be our first stop on our way out of Florida, and we'll be staying with him for 3-ish days.  Anybody out there in Atlanta that would like to visit, meet up, hang out?

After Atlanta, I do believe that we're headed to Boone, North Carolina to visit with my dear friend Jennifer and her lovely Australian Cattle Dog Djinni.  It just so happens that an old acquaintance of mine, Justin, also lives in Boone.  I met him five or six years ago when I was working at Camp Manito-wish in Boulder Junction, Wisconsin as a camp counselor.  Turns out it's a smaller world than I knew, and Justin and Jen have already crossed paths!  So, hopefully we'll be visiting with him as well.  I'd love to do some camping in the Blue Ridge Mountains with Jen and Justin.

 I think Gus and I hope to do a little hiking in the Smokey Mountains.  Not sure where, but somehow on our way back from... New York City!  If my buddy Steve will have us, I'd love to see him in his new home in Washington Heights.  We also have a friend, Doug, who lives in NYC ... along with many other friends.  Anyone in New York that would like to visit and show us around during the third or fourth week of September?  Do you have some floor space for our air mattress? :)

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Anybody in FL have room for the sweetest kitty in the world?  Grandpa is his name!

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