13 October 2010

Rood Creek Landing/Lumpkin, GA

After our exploration of Providence Canyon State Park, Joy the park manager was super helpful and directed us to Rood Creek Landing, a campsite in Lumpkin, GA.  It is one of the campsites throughout the States that are free of charge and maintained by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.  If you are traveling and/or camping on a low budget, be sure to check out their website for places to stay.  After sleeping in the car our first night on the road, this campground was a haven – the sites are situated right along Rood Creek and we were lucky enough to be the only people there, even though it was right before Labor Day weekend. 

We set up our tent and went about preparing our first dinner on the road … I sterilized water from the creek and made chicken and dumplings!  It turned out super well, I was very proud of myself, and I think we were so exhausted that we fell asleep before night completely fell.  Amazing how tiring a day can be when setting up camp, sterilizing water, chopping wood, and starting a fire must happen before your dinner can even begin to cook.  Definitely not convenient, but rewarding as all hell.  I love to cook, and I know I wouldn’t have been so self-satisfied and proud if I made the same meal on a stove at home.  It certainly wasn’t gourmet, but it was resourceful and filling.

We spent two nights at Rood Creek Landing and were serenaded by the coyotes across the water each night.  At first, we thought we were hearing other people, laughing.  On our second day, we ended up in conversation with a local man and he confirmed that we had definitely heard coyotes.  A bit freaky for me, admittedly, but in the same vein … the sounds were eerily beautiful, wild, and close enough to home (literally) that our new path of living was impossibly clear to me.  Nothing but a tent and a small creek separating us from completely undomesticated and audibly rowdy animals.  Welcome to living in a tent – Rood Creek is definitely where we began calling our square of fabric, poles, and stakes, “home.”


  1. Hi Andrea,
    I say go fer' it girl, there's a lot to see out there. Just stumbled across your blog searchin' fer' some info on Rood Creek. We plan to stay there tomorrow night. My wife & I take short trips during the winter and travel 5-6 months during spring, summer & fall. We are on our way home from our latest trip.

  2. Thanks Barry and Linda! Gus and I really appreciate all of the resources you've shared with us. I look forward to being in touch!